Beldex 2021: Novel Implementations

In 2021, we saw a lot of developments in and around Beldex. Beldex moved a step closer to its goal this year, which is to help you remain secure on Pandora’s box, that is, the internet. A lot of exciting updates and releases made up this year. Let’s take a look below and take time to bask in all the glory we went across this year, together.

wBDX live on Binance Smart Chain and Beldex-Binance bridge comes into play :

This year, we started strong with wBDX (wrapped BDX token) going live on the Binance Smart Chain which gave the freedom to our users to send our coin from the host blockchain to that of Binance’s swiftly. The wrapped token would stand valued at Beldex’s price and can be redeemed (unwrapped) at any given point.

To increase safety and lessen the time frame of transferring, Binance Smart Chain Bridge went live right after.

Whitepaper Update:

We updated our whitepaper to align with our goals. The technological aspects regarding transferring of coins were properly laid out as well as the idea behind each of our dApps were properly specified in order to relay our ideas to our esteemed users and potential users.

Our coin was listed on many of the Top notch coin listing sites, leading to a whole variety of platforms for our users to buy, sell, and HODL BDX on, as per their convenience and requirements.

The latest additions this year were (given in the order of listing):

  1. Bilaxy
  2. MEXC
  3. Hotbit
  4. Masternodes Online
  5. Nodehub
  6. MyCointainer

Improvised release of Upgraded Android Wallet release:

After much research and discussion, a mandatory and better version of the Android Wallet was released. The revamped latest version proved out to be a much-needed release and has helped those who were in need of it.

Release of Proof of Stake: Bucephalus:

The much-awaited release of the year was our transition from the PoW consensus mechanism to the PoS consensus algorithm. It was a major change of extreme importance that occurred on the Beldex Blockchain. The PoS consensus mechanism went live at the height of 742421.

It enabled the blocks to be validated by the stakers of the Beldex masternodes. They in turn received rewards for their work (an increase from 2 to 6.25 BDX).The size of the transactions reduced, which enabled more transactions to be stored in the block than ever before. Other than this, the block creation time was reduced from 120 seconds to 30 seconds.

Launch of Flash:

Timing plays an important part when it comes to any situation in life, especially that in the digital life. Keeping this in mind, Beldex Flash, designed especially for instant transactions, was also released. Aside from this, it also helps in increasing the anonymity quotient of BDX, the scalability value increased as well as the transaction fees were significantly decreased.

Storage Server and BelNet dependencies Launched:

With the launch of PoS, Beldex masternodes would stand as a storage server for our decentralized messenger, BChat as well as act as a router for BelNet, our dVPN.This is a very important development as it will help in higher security as the user’s information and actions over Beldex DApps would be split into many fragments and will be stored in various masternodes at different regions operated by various stakers, which will be impossible to penetrate into, making the users data extremely secure.

Airdrops and Contest:

We conducted two airdrops which included rewards of 30,000 BDX and 50,000 BDX respectively. In both of the airdrops after following the given rules, 1000 random users who completed the said rules were chosen and rewarded. Other than this, a very exciting contest was held where three lucky winners (out of 5,000 BDX) were given BDX as per their winning positions.

We have a lot more to give and you, our users have a lot to experience. So,

Await and Look Forward as we won’t stop until our goal is reached.

Wishing you all a better and happier 2022.

Privacy is our priority



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The Beldex (BDX) is a privacy coin. Enhancing your online privacy through decentralized applications.