Beldex 2023: A Year of Technological Growth and Innovation

5 min readDec 31, 2023

Main Takeaways

Beldex has emerged as a beacon of innovation and privacy in the blockchain and crypto space, with 2023 marking a year of significant milestones and advancements. Our journey is defined by groundbreaking developments, strategic partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to user privacy and decentralized solutions.

Pioneering Privacy and Technological Advancements

Beldex Research Labs: Our dedicated research wing is at the forefront of developing privacy-based smart contracts and the Beldex Virtual Machine (BVM), facilitating the creation of DApps and tokens on the Beldex chain. This highlights our commitment to privacy and innovation, spearheading new possibilities in the blockchain space.

Wallet Integration on BChat: Our innovative approach includes integrating wallet functionalities into BChat, enabling users to send and receive BDX effortlessly as they engage in conversations.

Beldex Name System (BNS): Our unstoppable domains, powered by the Beldex network, exemplify our vision of a decentralized and user-centric internet.

Enhancing Network Scalability: We’re constantly working to improve transaction speed and privacy, employing novel advancements in cryptography and blockchain technology.

Cross-Chain Interoperability: By focusing on connecting the Beldex ecosystem with other blockchain platforms, we’re enhancing the functionality and accessibility of our network, ensuring seamless integration across the blockchain landscape.

2023: A Year of Expansion and Integration

Key Developments in 2023: We’ve achieved several milestones, including launching the Beldex privacy protocol on the Polygon Chain, integrating wallets on BChat, releasing the Belnet Desktop app, and beginning the development of the Beldex Browser. The EVM Proof of Concept and the Developer Ecosystem Development are testaments to our dedication to fostering an inclusive and innovative platform.

Strategic Partnerships: Our collaborations with entities like StealthEx, Higlan, and various KYC-free swap platforms have expanded our reach and strengthened our network. These partnerships not only extend our ecosystem but also align with our vision of a privacy-focused future.

Community Engagement and Recognition: The launch of international communities on Telegram and listings on prominent crypto exchanges like KuCoin have bolstered our presence globally. Our commitment to user engagement and community building is reflected in our active participation in events and AMA sessions.

Reflecting on Our Developments This Year

Q1 2023

  • Beldex was listed on the KuCoin exchange in the BDX/USDT and BDX/BTC pairs.
  • Beldex partnered with the Higlan masternode hosting platform. Higlan is one of the platforms that offer very low-cost hosting for Beldex masternodes. Users can pay with BDX.
  • Beldex Launched International communities on Telegram, some of which include Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. The expansion of Telegram communities reflects Beldex’s global reach.
  • Beldex (BDX) coin was listed with KYC-free, non-custodial, private swaps like, Houdini Swap, SwapSpace, and
  • The Beldex desktop application for Windows and Linux operating systems was launched in February 2023.
  • Beldex partnered with DWF labs, a market-making and investment firm, and invested $25 M in Beldex for the research and development of its private ecosystem.
  • Beldex partnered with the ivendPay platform, which resulted in real-world utilities for BDX. With ivendPays POS (Point of Sale) terminals and vending machines across the UAE and the Middle East, users could now spend their BDX in restaurants and convenience stores.
  • Pay As You Chat went live on BChat Desktop Devices.

Q2 2023

  • The BChat wallet update was released for MacOS.
  • BDX/BTC pairs were launched for MEXC and exchange.
  • New Partnerships: Partnerships with Arctic Wallet and Bitgert Ventures, leading to additional funding for ecosystem development.
  • Wallet and UI Upgrades: Revamped UI for the Beldex Electron Wallet, making it more user-friendly.
  • A survey was conducted for the most wanted features on BChat. Based on the findings of the survey, the development of BChat was aligned with the community’s suggestions.
  • Pay As You Chat feature went live on Bchat for Android devices.

Q3 2023

  • The Beldex website UI was updated a new.
  • User Experience Enhancements: Integration of Pay As You Chat feature on BChat Mobile App for iOS devices and the release of Beldex Electron Wallet with Integrated Swap functionality.
  • Node Integration: Nodehub’s integration of BDX payment gateway enables users to host Beldex masternodes.

Q4 2023

  • Beldex Name Service Update: Beldex Name Service hardfork goes live on testnet in November 2024, with a mainnet launch expected in January 2024.
  • Wallet Updates: New designs and performance improvements for the Beldex Wallet on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Partnered with the Uquid e-commerce platform, which has a userbase in over 150+ countries and over 85 million crypto / NFT products.
  • The EVM Proof of Concept paper was released, laying the foundation for the first phase of EVM integration onto the Beldex network.
  • Beldex partnered with the Block Alpha market-making and investment platform which invested a sum of $3 M USD for the growth and development of the Beldex ecosystem.
  • Community Engagement: Conducting various events and contests in collaboration with KuCoin and, offering substantial rewards to the community.
  • New updates were released for the BChat and BelNet Mobile and Desktop applications owing to the upcoming hard fork.

Building a Decentralized, Privacy-First Future

Looking Forward: As we integrate EVM and develop private smart contracts, we are setting the stage for new use cases and opportunities within the global smart contract environment. Our vision extends beyond current achievements, aiming to revolutionize how privacy and blockchain technology intersect.

Join the Revolution: By becoming a Beldex Validator, you can be an integral part of this exciting journey towards a decentralized, privacy-first future.

Beldex — The Future of Privacy: Our story is just beginning. With continuous ecosystem development and community expansion worldwide, Beldex is not just building technology; we’re shaping the future of privacy in the digital world. Our focus remains on pioneering solutions that protect user privacy and promote decentralization, driving growth, adoption, and innovation in the blockchain space. Beldex is poised to lead the industry into a new era of privacy-oriented blockchain solutions.

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