Beldex Celebrates LetsExchange 2nd Anniversary with Giveaway Contest

2 min readMar 17, 2023


Beldex celebrates LetsExchange 2nd anniversary with a joint giveaway contest. Participate to win exclusive prizes in BDX.

LetsExchange is turning 2. The LetsExchange platform is one of the fastest growing non-custodial and KYC-free swaps. You can easily swap any coin for BDX using the LetsExchange widget.

Details of the Giveaway

To celebrate our partner turning 2, we are giving away 5000 BDX in a twitter contest. The details of the contest are as follows,

  • The contest will be on Twitter
  • Duration: 17–31 March 2023
  • Prize pool: 500 USDT and 5000 BDX

How to Participate in the Contest

To win the prizes, all you have to do is the following,

  1. Follow LetsExchange and on Twitter.
  2. Like and retweet our post that announces this raffle.
  3. Tag your friends.

Complete all the steps to be eligible for the rewards.

The activity is only valid for the duration of the contest, that is from 17–31, 2023

How are the Winners Selected

Winners will be selected at random from the list of all the participants who successfully completed all the tasks during the period of contest. LetsExchange will employ a randomizing tool to choose the winners. Winners will then be published on their twitter post the contest.

Reward Distribution

👉There will be a total of 15 winners.

👉LetsExchange will give away 500 USDT to 10 lucky winners, 50 USDT each.

👉Beldex will giveaway 5000 BDX to 5 lucky winners, 1000 BDX each.

Happy Birthday, LetsExchange! Let the contest begin.

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