Beldex Referral Program Update

3 min readMar 20, 2023


The Beldex discord referral program is the perfect program for influencers, KOLs, marketers, and anyone who can help spread the word about Beldex and be rewarded in the process.

Thank you for participating in our referral program. With regards to the response and feedback from the community, the terms of the Beldex referral program have been updated.

Referrers and referees will now have to verify their profiles when they join the Beldex discord server — This ensures that we prevent spam and help save a lot of trouble for our users.

What Not To Do

❌Users who add bots or spam the group will be permanently banned and will not be eligible for referral rewards.

What Can You Do To Be The Top Referee?

✅Share your invite link in your social circles

✅Educate your community about Beldex & the importance of privacy

✅Keep the community informed and engaged by participating in activities conducted by Beldex

Who Is Eligible For The Rewards?

🏆Anyone who is a member of the Beldex community is eligible to participate

🏆Top 3 members (referees) who complete all the to do’s are eligible for the rewards

  • 1st place: 1500 BDX, the referrer should have referred minimum of 500 members
  • 2nd place: 1200 BDX, the referrer should have referred minimum of 350 members
  • 3rd place: 1000 BDX, the referrer should have referred minimum of 250 members

How to Participate

Create a unique referral link

👉Click the ‘Invite People’ option from the Beldex Discord Server (use the drop down arrow icon at the top of the Beldex discord server to find the ‘Invite People’ option)

👉Then, Edit Invite Link so that it doesn’t expire

👉Set the Expiry to “Never” and the maximum number of users to “No Limit”

👉Then click the ‘Generate a New Link’ button

👉Copy the invite link and share it with your friends

The ‘Edit Invite Link’ option is highlighted in the image below for your reference.

How to generate a referral link

👥Your referees (members who use your referral link to join the Beldex discord server) will be successfully added to your list once they verify their account.

💰 Rewards will be processed at the end of the monthly 30-day cycle.


🎁 Members who go above and beyond to educate their communities about Beldex will receive a bonus prize in addition to the rewards.

🎁 Anyone from the Beldex community is eligible to receive the additional bonus prize, which means they essentially don’t need to be in the top 3 referrers

🎁 The bonus is rewarded based on the engagement of the member within the community, consistent participation in community activities, efforts taken to get the right information about Beldex across to the community, providing feedback etc.

🎁 Dedicated members will also have the opportunity to be brand ambassadors of Beldex

🎁 The selection winners for the bonus reward will be based on a community vote at the end of the month

Note: To ensure fairness, the Beldex team and mods are exempt from participating in this referral contest.

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