Beldex Review: Is Beldex a Scam?

Is Beldex Scam?

Absolutely not. Beldex is a genuine project whose team is very active, interacts with the community on a regular basis, and provides timely support to its users. Beldex, being a leading privacy coin and a successful project has recently attracted the attention of scam projects that try to portray Beldex in a bad light.

Beldex Review

  • Beldex is a trusted exchange and coin based on decentralized and trustless blockchain technology.
  • Beldex has been the awardee of the Best Crypto Community award at the leading Expo, the Bloconomic Expo.
  • It is one of the very few projects that focus on true privacy and conducts research to develop individual transaction privacy.
  • Beldex is extremely responsive in its social media platforms and heeds to the concerns of its users. A good example of this is when they lowered the exchange withdrawal fee on the community’s request.
  • It has never, without a proper reason, frozen, blocked, suspended a user. Beldex always puts users’ safety and their funds’ safety above everything else.
  • Beldex conducts regular trading competition and always delivers the prizes to the winners.
  • Beldex Coin Scam posts are being spread by malicious individuals to portray Beldex from a negative standpoint.

Can I Invest in Beldex coin?

As always, we advise everyone to ‘Do Your Own Research’ but Beldex is a coin that’s worth its dime since the coin is one of the candidates to become a leading privacy coin in the coming decade.

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