Beldex Review: Safe or Scam?

Is Beldex Safe?

Beldex is 100% safe. It is a project that emphasizes on individual safety and privacy. The Beldex coin is a privacy coin that has been in the top 10 privacy coins for over a year now. It has consistently ranked in the top 6 for the past 6 months. The data analysis and coin ranking website, CoinLore, has ranked Beldex as the 4th top privacy coin in September 2020.

Generally, if a project seems the least bit suspicious, then the first thing to check is its community involvement. One has to check how responsible, committed and accountable the project’s team is towards user queries? And how well are they connected with the community? Based on Beldex’s social profiles and community feedback, we can easily find that the project team is extremely active and always strives to satisfy the community.

There are several exit scams out there that have never even gone past the ICO stage. Some have lasted a few months. But there’s always a clear trend to what these scams do. They always tend to disregard users, fail to respond to them, do not keep their promises, and exit the market before anyone can act. So that brings us to our second question. How long has the Beldex project been in the market? If Beldex is a scam, then the project has no reason to exist in the market for as long as it has. It couldn’t have existed for as long.

How long has the Beldex project been in the market?

Beldex is a project that was conceptualized in 2017. The project and its team have been in the market for well over 3 years and 6 months. Officially, Beldex ICO was announced in March 2018 and conducted from May through August 2018. The coin was distributed shortly thereafter.

The project has gone through various stages of development. From listing the Beldex coin on major data providers CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap to partnering with reviewers and data providers like Coinpaprika, Coincodex, and Coinranking, Beldex has taken numerous steps to get its market information across to its users through various sources.

Beldex partnered with Evonodes, a shared Masternode Pool where users can stake Beldex to receive passive rewards proportional to their stake. The Beldex coin currently has 11 Masternodes on the Evonodes Masternode Pool, and it is by far the second-largest pool.

We then partnered with the decentralized wallet, the Magnum Wallet, to provide our users with a safe method to store, send, receive, and trade Beldex.

Beldex became a Shariah Compliant exchange in October 2019, the same month we received our AML certification from FIU, Estonia. Beldex referral airdrop program was conducted prior to the launch of the Beldex exchange and the exchange was launched on December 27, 2019.

Since then, we’ve partnered with Fractal for smart KYC verification and have always been on the top of our game with listings. We have listed several coins and tokens and have conducted trading competitions throughout the lockdown for our users.

Can it be trusted?

Yes. Beldex project is trusted by millions of people worldwide. We have always delivered on our commitments.

Why is there a negative review stating ‘Beldex scam’?

The review that alleges the ‘Beldex scam’ is groundless and completely false. These reviews are produced by entities that have something to gain by tarnishing Beldex. Beldex vehemently refutes any allegations whatsoever produced by such entities.

We will continue to work with the same commitment that we have towards our community. To this end, we request our community to support us and report any such reviews or comments.

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