BelNet Exit Node Terms & Rewards Update

4 min readDec 30, 2022

The BelNet exit nodes aid users to safely and privately surf the internet. This article lists out the updated terms and BDX rewards for BelNet exit node operators.

Updated Terms & Rewards for BelNet Exit Node Operators

Dear Exit Node Operators,

In light of our learnings in the past few days, we have decided to limit the number of exit nodes a person can set up and choose a select few exit nodes to be added to the BelNet mobile app.

Certain exit nodes, though they claim 1 Gbps bandwidth, turn up less than 10 Mbps or 1 Mbps in speedtest results. We infer that this is due to the following reasons,

  • Certain VPS may be used for purposes other than BelNet exit
  • Shared VPS

BelNet Exit Node Terms

When setting up an exit node, we recommend that users only choose a dedicated VPS server.

A user is limited to setting up a maximum of 5 exit nodes (this is to prevent the concentration of exit nodes with a single user). Kindly set up these 5 exit nodes in different locations to increase diversity & enhance decentralization.

Exit Nodes below 1 Gbps will be removed from the BelNet mobile app to preserve quality of the exits.

Beldex Exit Node Reward Update

Exit nodes set up until the 29th of December 2022 shall be rewarded as per the existing reward schedule. Check the existing reward plan from the announcements here on Telegram & here on Discord.

Going forward, the team will identify and select 20 high performing nodes on or before the 10th of January 2023.

Only these 20 nodes will be available for community use in the BelNet mobile app.

The rest of the exit nodes (set up before the 29th of Dec, 2022) will be rewarded until the 10th of January, 2023 as per the existing reward schedule. However, after the 10th of January, 2023, these exits may not accumulate rewards. Users can have them for personal use or update the exit node’s bandwidth & spec to offer a competitive edge over other exit nodes.

Rewards for the 20 high performing exit nodes

The 20 high performing exits will be rewarded based not just on bandwidth but on a number of other factors such as CPU cores, type of VPS, uptime, and location. Thus, rewards will be dynamically assigned. More details will be provided in a follow up post.

The exit node must only be used for servicing BelNet.

The bandwidth provided must be a constant. The Beldex team will randomly perform speed tests to determine proof of bandwidth.

Exit nodes can have a maximum downtime of 24 hours, during which period the operator will be informed. If the exit node is not functional within 48 hours after it goes offline, it may not be rewarded for the current month.

Required Exit Node Details

Are exit nodes on BelNet limited to 20?

No, more exits may be added. If you believe that your exit has a good enough reason to be added to the BelNet mobile app, kindly reach out to with the following details. These details will help us process your rewards and identify the best VPS hosting services for BelNet exit nodes.

  • Hosting Provider Name
  • Type of VPS (shared VPS or dedicated VPS)
  • CPU cores
  • Bandwidth
  • Location of Exit Node
  • Purchase receipt
  • Telegram ID
  • Discord ID

Selection of your exit node will depend on the competitive advantage it can provide over other exit nodes.

You may also use an exit node for your own personal use as they will prove to be much cheaper but highly secure than a regular VPN service.

Future of Exit Nodes on BelNet

  • We will provide a world map of all the live exit nodes on BelNet
  • Exit node rewards will be automated on-chain
  • We will provide the option to add a custom exit node. Users can add their exit node to the BelNet mobile app themselves.
  • Exit node authentication for peer to peer subscriptions: A user may monetize their high bandwidth exit node by providing access via an authentication (for example, a password) which may be shared once payment is made in BDX (still a WIP, more details will be provided as we progress)

You can set up an exit node by following the comprehensive guide here.

We will share an easy and quick set up method for exit nodes shortly.

For more information on exit nodes, please visit

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