BNS Names & Domains: Do’s & Don’ts

4 min readMar 11, 2024

Beldex Name Service (BNS) names & domains have emerged as an integral aspect of the Beldex decentralized ecosystem, providing users with unique identifiers for their wallets and facilitating seamless transactions. However, like any innovative technology, there are certain guidelines and practices that users should adhere to for optimal utilization and security. In this guide, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of BNS names to ensure a smooth experience within the Beldex ecosystem.

Which Wallets Support BNS Names?

When it comes to BNS names, the wallet choice is pivotal. As of now, BNS names are compatible with the Beldex Electron Wallet, Beldex CLI Wallet, and the Beldex Official Mobile Wallets, available on both the PlayStore and AppStore.

It’s important to note that BNS names are not supported on web wallets. LWS web wallet users are unable to buy or send funds using BNS names. However, seamless fund transfers are possible between Electron, Mobile, and CLI wallets.

Example: Alice wants to send BDX to her friend Bob. Using BNS names, she can effortlessly transfer funds from her Electron wallet to Bob’s CLI wallet.

Payments Integration on Websites

Businesses can leverage BNS names to receive funds through their websites. By displaying their BNS names, users can direct payments to their Electron, Mobile, or CLI wallets. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free way for individuals and businesses to receive funds.

Imagine a small business, let’s call it “TechSavvy,” selling digital products online. TechSavvy integrates its BNS name, “TechSavvy.bdx,” on its website checkout page. A customer, eager to purchase a product, enters the BNS name during checkout. Instantly, the funds are transferred to TechSavvy’s designated wallet, ensuring a swift and secure transaction.

Sending BDX via BNS Names

As stated earlier, seamless fund transfers using BNS names are possible between Electron, Mobile, and CLI wallets. However, LWS web wallets and exchanges do not support BNS names, the latter mainly because they do not know or maintain a registry of the BNS decentralized domain name system.

BNS Naming Rules

Adherence to naming conventions is crucial when registering BNS names. These names must be alphanumeric, allowing combinations of letters and numbers. Special characters, except for hyphens, are not allowed. Hyphens can be included in the name but cannot be used at the beginning or end.

Example: Valid names include the following,


✅ Elena0.bdx

✅ 12Akira.bdx

✅ Bea44tels.bdx

✅ Louis-philip.bdx

Invalid names include the following,

❌ &Dazai.bdx

❌ Mayflower.bdx

❌ 08_Dracula.bdx

❌ -Louis.bdx

❌ Louis-.bdx

Addresses Compatible with BNS

Using the correct wallet addresses is paramount for BNS functionality. Always use the main wallet address starting with the prefix “bx…”.

BDX sub-addresses begin with “8…” Sub-addresses of Electron or Mobile wallets may be used to map or own BNS names. However, main wallet addresses provide for easy maintenance and management.

Avoid using sub-addresses from exchanges. Funds sent to these sub-addresses cannot be parsed by exchanges. Besides, you, the user, do not own the seed to these exchange wallets.

Likewise, never use main wallet addresses from exchanges, as you do not hold the seed/keys to these addresses.

Integrated wallet addresses, starting with “4…”, do not support BNS names. Avoid using them as well.

How to Find Available BNS Names

Finding available BNS names is a straightforward process. The Beldex explorer ( allows users to search for available names. Users cannot register names that are already taken, ensuring uniqueness. Reserved names and domains that are already mapped to a wallet address, are specific to that particular user for BChat ID and BelNet address mapping. This means that a user may purchase a BNS name & domain now, initially map it to any one of the following — Beldex wallet address, BChat ID, BelNet address — and may later map it to the others.

BNS Names: Best Privacy Practices

Privacy is a paramount concern when dealing with BNS names. Using a pseudonym is recommended during registration to maintain user anonymity.

Example: Bob Sanchez, an avid crypto enthusiast, registers the BNS name CryptoBob.bdx rather than using his real / full name.

While users may use their real names for BNS ID registration, this ties their real-world identity to wallet addresses, BChat ID, and hosted domains. (Visible on as the information about the registry/availability of BNS names and expiration dates are recorded on-chain). Sharing BNS names that are real names on social media or public forums exposes users to potential identity exposure.

Example: Alice Park, a prominent figure, shares her BNS name (AlicePark.bdx) on a public forum to receive donations, unintentionally linking her real-world identity to her crypto transactions.

Understanding and adhering to these do’s and don’ts will empower users to make the most of the BNS technology while safeguarding their privacy and ensuring seamless transactions.

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