BNS Names & Domains: FAQs

3 min readFeb 1, 2024

Below are a few frequently asked questions about BNS Names & Domains.

  1. What is BNS for BChat?

BNS for BChat is a standin for your BChat IDs. Your BNS name is tagged to your BChat ID and so you can connect with your friends and family on BChat using your BNS name.

2. What is BNS for BelNet?

The BNS for BelNet is a decentralized domain name that is tagged to a BelNet address. The .bdx domain can be used to host various web applications on BelNet. These applications are called MNApps and provide enhanced privacy to both the host and the users who visit the platform. The IP address of the host is obfuscated by the BelNet address which inturn is tagged to the BNS domain. Example: https://beldex.bdx

3. What is BNS for Beldex Wallet?

BNS for Beldex Wallet is a standin for your wallet address. You can tag your BNS name to your wallet address and use it to send and receive BDX.

4. What is the difference between the resolving wallet address and the owner wallet address with regards to BNS names and domains?

The resolving wallet address is different from the owner wallet address. The owner wallet address is the owner of the BNS name (BChat & Wallet) and domain address (BelNet) during the period of subscription and this ownership can be transferred to another wallet.

However, the resolving wallet address is the address to which the BNS name resolves to (BNS for wallet). This is the address tagged to the BNS name and can be used to send and receive BDX.

5. What is the BNS fee?

The BNS fee is as follows,

650 BDX for 1 year subscription

1000 BDX for 2 year subscription

2000 BDX for 5 year subscription

4000 BDX for 10 year subscription

6. Is the entire BNS fee burned?

Yes, the fee paid to subscribe to BNS names & domains are entirely burned.

7. What is the BNS name/domain transfer fee?

The transfer fee is a flat fee of 50 BDX levied for the transfer of ownership of the BNS names and domains from one wallet address to another. This fee is also entirely burned.

8. Which wallet address should I use to buy the BNS name & domain?

BNS names can be bought for or resolved to main wallet addresses (that begin with bx..) and sub-addresses of a wallet (that begin with 8…).

However, BNS addresses cannot be bought for or resolved to integrated beldex wallet addresses (that begin with 4…).

It is always advisable to use a main wallet address of your Electron wallet / Official Mobile wallet / BChat wallet as the owner address and/or the resolving address of BNS names and domains.

Do not use sub-addresses from exchanges. This is because funds sent to BNS names that are tagged to sub-addresses maintained by exchanges cannot be parsed by these exchanges. The exchange can only see the amount being deposited to their main wallet. Since they don’t maintain a registry of BNS names, they will NOT be able to credit the BDX sent to your BNS name connected to a sub-address maintained by them.

9. Which wallet / application can I use to register a BNS name?

Currently, only CLI wallet can be used to register a BNS name. However, a user-friendly GUI interface will soon be provided on the Electron wallet to buy BNS names. The team will be publishing details of the registration process shortly.

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