How To Buy Your BNS Name?

6 min readMar 5, 2024

What is a BNS Name?

The Beldex Name Service (BNS) is a decentralized domain name system based on the Beldex blockchain network. The BNS names and domains function as private and human-readable alternatives to the BChat ID, Beldex wallet address, and BelNet address essentially making it easier for users to connect and communicate with each other on BChat, send and receive BDX and host private, censorship-free domains on BelNet.

BNS for BChat

BNS for BChat is a replacement for the BChat ID. The BNS name is mapped to your BChat ID. Users may use their BNS name instead of their BChat ID to communicate with their friends on BChat privacy messenger.

BNS for BelNet

BNS for BelNet is a domain name system that allows you to run private and censorship-free apps on BelNet. BNS domains are mapped to BelNet addresses. The apps hosted on BelNet are called MNApps and can be accessed by connecting to BelNet.

BNS for Beldex Wallet

In the context of the Beldex wallet, the BNS is a stand-in for the wallet address. You can send and receive BDX using the BNS name associated with your wallet address.

Steps to Buy BNS Names & Domains

You can buy BNS names and domains using the BNS Service option on the Electron wallet and the Mobile wallet (the latest version of these wallets with the BNS feature is yet to be released).

Now, we can see a quick demo on how to buy BNS names using the Beldex Electron Wallet.

Open your Beldex Electron Wallet and click on ‘BNS Service’ from the left panel.

Under ‘BNS Service’, you can find the ‘Buy BNS’ and ‘My BNS’ tabs.

Click on the ‘Buy BNS’ tab. You can see the period of subscription.

Select the subscription period that you want to avail. You can subscribe to a name for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 10 years for 650 BDX, 1000 BDX, 2000 BDX and 4000 BDX respectively. When subscribing to 2, 5 and 10 years, you receive a discount of 23.08%, 38.47% and 38.47% respectively.

Before buying the name, it is better to confirm whether the name is available. You can check this on the Beldex explorer.

Go to and in the search bar enter the BNS name you wish to purchase.

The URL in the image corresponds to the testnet explorer. Please use the mainnet to check availability of your names.

If it is available, you can see that for BChat, Beldex Wallet, and BelNet, the availability would be marked ‘YES’.

Go back to the Beldex Electron wallet and enter the name you wish to buy in the respective ‘Name’ field.

Then, set an ‘owner wallet address’. The owner wallet address is the wallet address/account that can be used to manage your BNS name.

The owner wallet address can be any Beldex address of your choice but you have to make sure that you have access to the wallet, meaning that you own the seed to the said wallet.

If you wish for the current wallet to be the owner wallet, leave the ‘owner wallet address’ field blank.

It is generally not recommended to use a sub-address (usually begins with 8….x). You also cannot use an integrated wallet address (usually begins with 4…..x) to register a BNS name. It is also not recommended to use a wallet address that is maintained by a centralized exchange since you don’t own the keys to that wallet.

Then, set a backup owner wallet address. This is optional.

For the above reasons, always use a Beldex wallet address that begins with bx..(which is the main wallet address found in all the Beldex wallets).

The wallet address in the below image is for representational purposes only.

Then, set a resolving wallet address. The resolving wallet address (the address which is mapped to your BNS name) is entirely different from the owner wallet address (which is only used to manage your BNS name).

Any funds sent to the BNS name will reflect on this mapped wallet address.

Now, copy the wallet address you wish to map to your BNS name and paste it on to the resolving wallet address field.

Note: Once again, it is generally not recommended to use a sub-address. You cannot use an integrated wallet address to map to your BNS name. It is also not advisable to use an address that is owned by an exchange since the exchange cannot parse funds received from your BNS name.

For the above reasons, always use a Beldex wallet address that begins with bx..(which is the main wallet address found in all the Beldex wallets).

The wallet address in the below image is for representational purposes only.

Next, map your BChat ID to the BNS name. Open the BChat app and copy your BChat ID. Go back to the Electron wallet app and paste your BChat ID onto the respective field.

In a similar fashion, if you’re someone who is running an MNApp using a long and complex BelNet address, then you can copy that and map it to your BNS name by pasting it into the BelNet field seen in the image below.

After filling all the details in the ‘Buy BNS’ tab, you can purchase it by clicking the ‘Purchase’ button.

A pop-up to confirm your BNS name, subscription plan, owner wallet address, resolving wallet address, BChat ID, and BelNet ID will appear. Confirm it to proceed with your purchase.

You have now successfully purchased your very own BNS name.

To check your purchase, go to and type your BNS name into the search field at the top right corner. If your BNS name is Gabriel, type that into the search bar.

Here you can see your BChat ID, Beldex Wallet Address, and BelNet ID are mapped to your BNS name.

You can also confirm the purchase by clicking on the ‘My BNS’ tab in your Electron wallet.

It may take some time for the purchase to reflect under the ‘My BNS’ tab as your wallet receives the information from the Beldex blockchain. Try restarting your wallet in this case.

The ‘Buy BNS’ feature will shortly go live on the Beldex Electron Wallet and the Beldex Mobile Wallet with a sleek new and easy to use interface. Stay tuned.

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