Is It Safe to Buy Beldex?

Beldex (BDX) is a privacy cryptocurrency that has been providing privacy and anonymity to its users since it launched in 2018. Its privacy is based on Monero and similar to Monero, it utilizes the CryptoNight protocol.

However, the Beldex review panel has been conducting extensive research into enhancing Beldex’s privacy. This research is focused on exponentially scaling the number of decoys in ring signature.

The research into technological advancements of the coin is proceeding albeit some impediment. However, the team has utilized the COVID-19 induced lockdown to productively into this research.

What are the technological advancements that are being planned by the team?

The second major advancement planned for the Beldex coin is to bridge it with the Binance chain. Once Beldex is bridged and transitioned to the Binance chain, it will be more readily available to users since it adds to Beldex’s interoperability.

The third advancement for Beldex is the research and development into exponentially scaling the number of decoys in ring signatures. Currently, users can have a maximum ring size of 10, and this number, if exponentially increased will result in privacy being augmented.

What are the advantages of buying the Beldex coin?

The next big crypto will be one that is both scalable, with increasing adoption, and has inbuilt privacy and security features. A quick Beldex review will show that the Beldex coin has both these qualities and we are striving to improve them further.

As people become more conscious of their privacy, in a high digitized environment, they will be to search for an inflation-proof, limited supply currency that can serve as a private and secure medium of exchange. The Beldex coin will fulfill this purpose.

What is the future envisioned for the Beldex coin?

Further, by partnering with retail companies and businesses, we envision for Beldex to be available for day to day purchases. People who utilize a privacy for their transactions are less likely to have it exposed to a third-party.

Should you buy the Beldex coin?

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