Nodehub’s Black Friday Offer for Beldex Masternodes

2 min readNov 23, 2022


Nodehub, one of the largest masternode hosting service platform, offers a discount on hosting fee for Beldex masternodes on account of Black Friday.

Nodehub’s Black Friday Offer for Beldex Masternodes

Nodehub’s Offer for Beldex Masternodes

Dear Beldians,

Our largest masternode hosting partner Nodehub offers a 50% discount on fee for hosting a Beldex masternode.

This is a limited time offer beginning from the 25th of November and ending on the 2nd of December, 2022.

Users who deploy a Beldex masternode on Nodehub during the period of the offer will receive a 50% discount on the masternode hosting fee for a month.

Set up a Beldex masternode today on Nodehub.

About Nodehub

Nodehub is one of the largest masternode hosting service providers and hosts the most masternodes on the Beldex network.

To be precise, Nodehub currently hosts 40% of the masternodes on the Beldex network.

The platform shows you extensive stats and other information about,

  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly income of BDX masternodes
  • The required BDX collateral
  • BDX masternode value
  • The annual ROI
  • Total masternodes on the Beldex network
  • Masternodes on Nodehub
  • Total & circulating supply
  • Coins locked in Masternodes
  • Listed exchanges and the current price of $BDX

Deploying a Beldex masternode on Nodehub is quick and easy. Nodehub is also non-custodial, which means your collateral remains in your wallet.

What is Cold Masternode Hosting?

Nodehub offers a cold masternode hosting service for BDX masternodes. You only need to provide your wallet address that holds the required collateral amount of 10000 BDX.

When you deploy a node, the platform will verify if your wallet has the required collateral. Then, a masternode is deployed on your behalf. Any rewards accumulated for verifying blocks will be sent to the wallet address that you provided.

Thus, you don’t actually need to transfer your BDX to the platform.

How Do You Set Up A Beldex Masternode

Setting up a Beldex masternode is quick and simple.

Here is a complete guide on how to set up a self hosted Beldex masternode.

If you don’t have the necessary bandwidth, stable power supply, internet connection and network setup, then you can opt to deploy on a platform like Nodehub.

You can check the current rewards of a Beldex masternode here.

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