Paying with BDX: List of Restaurants & Vending Machines that Accept BDX

3 min readMar 21, 2023

Beldex has partnered with ivendPay to facilitate real-world BDX payments. Pay with BDX in restaurants and vending machines across Dubai.

Why We Need Real-World Utility

Why does crypto need real-world utilities? Aren’t most cryptocurrencies used within their ecosystem?

Yes. Most cryptocurrencies, including Beldex, have utilities within their ecosystem. However, we at Beldex believe that crypto also needs to be spendable outside its ecosystem. Crypto may not become the equivalent of fiat and it doesn’t necessarily need to be an alternative to fiat. But it needs usability outside its ecosystem. When crypto is usable IRL, it will accelerate the adoption rate. With adoption, progressive regulations will follow.

In the context of Beldex, BDX can be staked on masternodes. Masternodes earn rewards for validating blocks of Beldex transactions. These rewards can either be held in reserve for future staking opportunities or traded on an exchange to pay for the cost of operating a masternode. Masternode operators can also subsequently realize profits.

Once BNS launches, you can buy BNS names (for BChat) and BNS domains (for BelNet) with BDX.

But other than this, we believe BDX holders should be able to buy real world products such as food, clothing, or even movie tickets with BDX. And that’s why we’ve partnered with ivendPay, a real-world crypto payment system.

Partnership with ivendPay

Beldex has partnered with ivendPay to facilitate the purchase of goods and services both online and offline. This is possible using ivendPay’s payment system that helps you easily pay businesses and merchants with crypto.

About ivendPay’s Solutions

ivendPay has the following online and offline retail payment systems that support more than 100+ merchants in 10+ different countries including Germany, France, Estonia, Nigeria, Mexico, Poland, romania, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand

  • Offline retail

The offline retail payment system includes a crypto Point of Sale (POS) device designed and developed by ivendPay. Merchants can use these Point of Sale devices to accept BDX in their retail stores.

Retailers have the added advantage of acquiring more users via ivendPay and Beldex.

  • e-commerce

Buy online using ivendPay’s integrated Web API on e-commerce platforms. A number of e-commerce merchants currently use ivendPay’s Web API to receive crypto payments.

  • Vending Machines

Buy from ivendPay’s own food and beverage smart vending machines with crypto. For other vending machines, ivendPay provides a dedicated crypto payment device.

Where Can You Spend BDX?

Restaurants Accepting Crypto via ivendPay

Bowls&Bar, Lisbon: Visiting Lisbon? Grab a drink with BDX. Pay BDX with the help of ivendPay’s POS terminal.

DCR Dubai Car Rental: Rent a car in Dubai with ivendPay and BDX

Ajitama Ramen Bistro, Lisbon:. What can be more pleasing than enjoying a hot bowl of Japanese Ramen on a cold day? And you can buy it with BDX

Sputnik bar, Lisbon: This is yet another bar in the capital of Portugal that accepts BDX for a pint of your favorite drink.

ivendPay’s machines are also available in the events that they participate in. So if you’re visiting an event in Dubai, just take your mobile phone with you and make sure it is fully charged with the Beldex wallet app installed. That’s all you need to get around the event!

Vending Machines

ivendPay’s vending machines are installed in hundreds of locations in Dubai and in the countries where they provide their services. So if you spot an ivendPay vending machine, get yourself a snack with BDX.

A Guide to Paying with BDX

How to pay with BDX on Point of Sale Terminals

  • On the POS terminal, choose crypto
  • Then select BDX coin
  • A QR will be displayed on the POS terminal
  • Open the Beldex wallet app and scan the QR
  • Click send and then click the confirm button
  • Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive the receipt

How to pay with BDX on Vending machines

  • Select the product you wish to buy
  • Then select BDX from the list of crypto
  • You will see a QR on screen
  • Open the Beldex wallet app and scan the QR
  • Click the send button and confirm the transaction
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your product from the vending machine

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