BDX Release Update: March 31, 2023

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The article shares the information about BDX scheduled release on the 31st of March, 2023. BDX coins are released every quarter.

BDX Release Update: The BDX coins are released at the end of every quarter for ecosystem development, research activities, and for operations. As per the release schedule, 130680000 BDX was released on March 31, 2023. Below, you can find the details about the coins released from the various wallets this quarter.

Ecosystem Development Wallet — 33.4 %

130680000 BDX was released on March 31, 2023 from the Ecosystem wallet for research and development activities.

Remaining BDX in the Ecosystem Wallet: 3306600000 BDX

Seed & VC Wallet — 2.95%

Post the sale of BDX coins to DWF Labs, the Seed & VC wallet is left with 2.95% of total supply.

More information about the sale and partnership can be found here:

Remaining BDX in the Seed & VC Wallet: 293000000 BDX

Team Wallet — 6%

No coins were released from the Team Wallet since it still has approximately an 8 month cliff post which BDX coins will be released in an 18 month linear vesting.

Remaining BDX in Team wallet: 594000000 BDX

Marketing Wallet — 4%

No coins were released from the marketing wallet in Q1, 2023.

Remaining BDX in Marketing wallet: 396000000 BDX

In Circulation — 53.65%

Verifying the allocated BDX in each wallet

To verify the allocated BDX in each wallet using the CLI wallet, check out the guide given here in our previous announcement:

Designated Wallets with Funds

Ecosystem Wallet



ViewKey: db47048d5cc8f921edb9568ebb22108643f60e52520174a59133ddfaba78dc00

Balance: 3306600000 BDX

Seed & VC Wallet



ViewKey: cf6d7af5f6beec241096ac5a0fc0af4b4a0eb4f87a9b2dc28cfd3003d12d1100

Balance: 293000000 BDX

Team Wallet



ViewKey: b0d77970bf9779495d243971df803bcabe0f9c47241af058bc39154393d4cb0e

Balance: 594000000 BDX

Marketing Wallet



ViewKey: 6428fbf9dcf72c1ebc68fed7c385b111c2e764ae0e4132bca630f93d00a0460d

Balance: 396000000 BDX

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