Tokenomics Update: DWF Labs Token Sale & Release

2 min readFeb 28


Our partnership with DWF labs has allowed us to gain an operating runway of a few years in return for the sale of a part of the BDX allocated for the seed & VC funding.

Our goal is to provide a private, secure, autonomous, community run ecosystem and the path to bringing that vision to fruition requires immense investment in terms of time, energy, and capital.

Thus, a part of the seed and VC funding will now be allocated to DWF labs to raise the required capital. Precisely, $25 M worth of BDX at the current price.

The coins will be vested over a period of 2 years from March 2023.

Seed & VC allocation: 990000000 BDX (10% of total supply)

Total Allocation to DWF Labs: 697000000 BDX (7% of total supply)

Thus, seed and VC wallet will be left with 293000000 BDX after the sale.

Primary Objective of the Investment

The primary objective of the investment is the research and development of the Beldex network, covering the day to day operational cost, marketing activities and adding more developers to the community.

Future Funding Rounds

The future funding rounds will be announced as and when they happen. They may or may not involve a token sale.

Beldex is on the lookout for strategic investment partners to grow together. For queries related to future investments and fundraising, please contact

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