Weekly Development Update #3

Curious about what we did in the past week? Here’s a compilation of what happened at Beldex in the last week of May.

Weekly Development Update #3

Beldex Network

POS on Beldex: Testing of the POS Testnet is complete. Yes, the POS testnet is ready for launch and we welcome your suggestions for naming the Beldex POS testnet. It will be up soon; users can contribute by testing it and providing their feedback. Our next goal is to ensure that POS is implemented on a wider scale on the mainnet. Testing POS on the Beldex mainnet is underway.

New Mobile Wallet: The development of a new GUI mobile wallet has been planned for both Android and iOS platforms. Its functionality and design will be on part with the leading wallets in the crypto industry. This wallet will provide another storage option for BDX hodlers.

Beldex-Binance Bridge: The Beldex Binance Bridge was successfully launched on the 31st of May 2021. BDX hodlers can now swap BDX for WBDX.

Read our blog to know more about the Beldex-Binance Bridge and WBDX. A few prerequisites are required to swap BDX for WBDX such as adding WBDX to your wallet using the official WBDX contract address. For more details, read the step-by-step guidelines on how to swap BDX for WBDX and vice versa using the Beldex Binance Bridge.

Fixed Masternode Library Issues: Last week, we identified several library issues on masternode reward issuance. They were all fixed. Did you know that you can stake BDX on the Beldex electron desktop wallet by connecting to remote masternodes and become a validator on the Beldex network?

New Explorer: Currently, you can view your transactions using your Txn hash on the Beldex explorer. However, for the convenience of our users, we’re designing a new and user-friendly explorer that has advanced features yet easy to use.

Beldex Exchange

Internal transfers are live: Internal transfers went live on Beldex Exchange. With internal transfers, you don’t have to pay any deposit or withdrawal fee! You can make an instant transfer of any asset listed on Beldex to your friend’s account with just their registered email ID. Of course, all you and your friend would need is a Beldex account.

Track Your Active Orders: We’re working on a feature that would allow you to track your active order on the order book. No more squeezing your eyes to search for your order. You can easily track your order and determine whether the market is moving towards or against it.

UI Improvement: We’ve made improvements to the UI on several pages including the markets and trade pages. They will be rolled out soon.

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The Beldex (BDX) is a privacy coin. Enhancing your online privacy through decentralized applications.

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The Beldex (BDX) is a privacy coin. Enhancing your online privacy through decentralized applications.

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