Weekly Development Update#2

Weekly Development Update#2 (10–15 May 2021)

10–15 May, 2021

Updates to the Beldex Coin

The Beldex network currently functions on the CryptoNight Algorithm. To reduce costs associated with mining BDX, and to provide a sustainable, scalable, and privacy-enhanced version of Beldex (BDX), the consensus is being updated from POW to POS. Testing of POS on the Beldex main network is underway, and the POS testnet will soon be launched to the public. Our POS testnet code works on the mainnet.

Post the POS tesetnet launch, users can interact with the testnet of their own volition and provide feedback. We may also announce Bug bounty programs for developers who have a keen eye for spotting and rectifying bugs. So stay tuned for further updates.

Binance Smart Chain Bridge: Bridging BDX to the Binance Smart Chain network is in the testing phase. The design and development of the bridge as well as the architecture of W-BDX is currently being tested.

Updates to the Beldex Exchange

To improve user experience, our UI is being constantly improved. We are working on minor changes to the UI under the ‘markets, wallet, deposit and withdraw’ sections to gives our users a seamless trading experience.

To provide you instant deposits and withdrawals (between Beldex accounts), the Beldex team has been working on the Internal transfer feature. The internal transfer feature has the following perks and advantages:

Fast and secure: This feature will essentially allow our users to make instant deposits and withdrawals from and to Beldex accounts. Internal transfers are secure as they are verified by our integrated system and our support team.

Zero fees: Transfers made through the internal transfer feature will cost you absolutely nothing.

No minimum transfer limit: Yes! There is no minimum limit to the amount that you can transfer. This will aid our users to transfer even the residual (crypto dust) amounts that are usually left after a normal transaction.

Any asset can be transferred: The internal transfer feature is applicable to all assets currently listed on the Beldex Exchange. Thus, you can transfer any supported coin/token using this feature. It will also be applicable to all future assets that will be listed.

Use your registered email ID: To make things simple, we’ve made it such that you can make deposits and withdrawal using only your registered email ID.

Thus, for example, beldexuser1@gmail.com will be able to send and receive crypto funds from beldexuser2@gmail.com as long as both the accounts are registered with Beldex exchange. Yes, it is that simple and easy.

The team has made several performance updates to the Beldex Exchange to make trades, deposits, and withdrawals faster. We will continue to upgrade our systems to provide you with the best trading experience and thus, we appreciate your suggestions and feedback. We request our users to provide their valuable feedback to support@beldex.io.

To receive instant updates about Beldex, join us on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord channels. We provide technical updates about the Beldex network, the Beldex exchange, and masternodes, as they happen, on our discord channel.

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The Beldex (BDX) is a privacy coin. Enhancing your online privacy through decentralized applications.